Surprise Lesson

I was struggling with finding a topic for my final research paper in my quest to complete an online degree so I scheduled a consultation session with a course mentor for assistance.  The course mentor shot down a couple of my ideas with very good reason and offered a few suggestions.  One suggestion was “why a vegetarian diet is best for overall health”.  Well, being a devout meat eater, I searched around a little and decided to choose “Why a Paleo diet is best for overall health”.


What happened during the research was an unexpected and eye opening experience.  I’ve been aware of the advantage of natural, single ingredient foods for years but I never really understood the impacts of the lifestyle  and diet changes, especially in the United States, most markedly since World War II.  The Standard American Diet (SAD) underwent a major change as families adapted to economic changes and from food once produced on the family farm to processed and packaged foods.  The change in the SAD, truly is an unfortunate fitting acronym for describing the negative health impacts of disease and obesity in the United States today.  My desire is that this blog can have a positive influence by increasing awareness of the detriments of  the SAD and be a catalyst for change to the GLAD (Great Life American Diet).